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35544 Guatiza, Lanzarote


+34 624 07 49 32



35544 Guatiza, Lanzarote


Abubila was born from the unexpected encounter between a tandem paraglider pilot and his passenger. A passion shared by one, a passion born for the other.

Having a common vision, we have decided to share with you our passion for sports on this magical island of Lanzarote.

It is in the respect of our values with a sense of warm welcome that we will make you discover the magic of Lanzarote through the sporting activities that we love and practice.

The name Abubila is inspired by the Spanish name of a bird that can be seen on the Canary Islands.

It is endowed on the head with a plume of erectile feathers like a fan. It is unique, especially for the erratic flight that resembles that of a giant butterfly.

In classical Chinese poetry, the hoopoe is described as a heavenly messenger who often brings news about the advent of spring. The hoopoe is considered auspicious in China thanks to its unique beauty.

Our team

We are a team of passionate professionals. We are committed to sharing all our years of experience with you.

We like to fly like birds, cycle around the island, look at the horizon, live in the moment, surf the ocean waves, and enjoy our friends. Every day we feel the energy of this volcanic island that we love.

paragliding el cuchillo lanzarote


The Local Guy…

Born in Lanzarote, he is one of the youngest paragliding pilots on the island. Passionate about the world of free flight, in love with nature and his island.

Co-founder of the company Abubila, he organizes and acts as a coordinator and flight assistant.

If you are lucky, he will make you discover the local beers and will concoct you a good and typical dinner as he is also a cook.

paragliding el risco de famara


The Swiss Guy…

Born in the Swiss Alps, he was attracted to mountain sports from a very young age. He obtained his paragliding license at the age of 16 and has never stopped flying since then.

In 2022 he discovered Lanzarote and found a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere to live in. He is your guide and pilot for the Abubila activities.

Fabio the magicien


The magician…

Since he was a child he had a passion for what flies and is in the sky. It didn’t take him long to put himself among the clouds.

Italian, actor and illusionist, he is the paraglider pilot who can make the earth disappear from under your feet as if it were real magic!

paragliding tandem flight

Taking Control
Being the Pilot

take a break in your daily life

tandem flight

Overcoming Fears

Relax and enjoy



In a small and wild area like Lanzarote, you become even more aware of the impact of human activities on nature. We admire the landscape and do our best to act in an eco-sustainable way.

The choice of activities is not taken lightly. Paragliding, biking, surfing, kayaking… they all go towards the same spirit.

At the moment we have chosen a diesel vehicle instead of an electric one. Knowing that, for political reasons, the island’s electricity production is irresponsible, the choice seemed clear.

However, we are reducing the use of our vehicles for our activities as much as possible.

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famara beach sunset


It is important for us to respect your needs, in a good mood. We listen to you and offer you the best activities at the right price. We attach great importance to the quality of the service we offer you.

We charge the same prices all year round. Our price is the one that allows us to keep our company running smoothly and pay our employees decently.

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Sharing our passions in idyllic locations and leaving you with a lasting memory of your experience with Abubila is our goal.

We share our activities with pleasure in a relaxed atmosphere. Through new encounters and new experiences, we want you to leave with a smile, full of energy, and new friends.

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LANZAROTE – the best of the Canary Islands

Lanzarote, located near the African coast, is known for its warm climate, beaches, and volcanic landscapes.

This island has an incredible diversity of scenery. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and crystal clear water of the south at Playa Blanca, or the wind-protected beaches of Costa Teguise and Puerto del Carmen.

Admire the red volcanoes and lava fields of Timanfaya National Park, the great surf waves at La Santa, the sandy desert (el Jable), and the surfing beach of Famara.

Hike the magnificent Caldera Blanca and Corona volcanoes. Further north, Haria with its 1000 palm trees, its spring flowering landscapes, or the white sandy beach of Orzola.

In terms of culture and architecture, César Manrique has left his mark on the history of Lanzarote.

Visit the various atypical places such as the César Manrique Foundation, the Mirador del Rio, Jameos del Agua or the Jardín de Cactus.

Lanzarote is an enclave for the development of all kinds of sporting activities, from water sports to air sports such as paragliding.

The weather conditions are ideal for sports all year round. From September to April, during the cold season in the north, there are endless activities to do in Lanzarote.

One example is paragliding, which is a key way to discover the island’s incredible sites from the air.

Is Lanzarote warm in winter? Is it warm in Lanzarote in December and January?2022-07-04T12:06:17+01:00

It is obviously not as hot as in the summer but with temperatures still above 20°C, it is the ideal place to practice sports such as paragliding, cycling, surfing and kayaking. It’s also a great opportunity to take a break from the European winter temperatures

When is the best time to visit Lanzarote? Which month to go to Lanzarote?2022-07-04T12:10:28+01:00

Travel experts like Le Routard say that May and June are the best months to go to Lanzarote. For Canarians, September and October are considered summer. The weather is generally milder than in July and August

From our point of view, October to April is the ideal winter season for sports in Lanzarote. The wind is less strong than in summer, the landscapes are impressively clear, and the temperatures are pleasant. Find out more about our activities

What is the temperature in Lanzarote in December and January? What is the temperature in Lanzarote in January and February?2022-07-04T12:12:41+01:00

Throughout the winter we enjoy temperatures above 20°. It can be cooler in the morning, around 15°, but by mid-day temperatures can rise to 25° and you can enjoy the sun and outdoor activities

What to do in lanzarote? What is Lanzarote good for?2022-07-04T12:24:58+01:00

Lanzarote is full of different activities. There are a number of tourist and cultural visits that you can make. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches, the volcanoes to hike up, the local gastronomy and practice a lot of sports like cycling, kayaking or surfing. Come and discover tandem paragliding in Lanzarote with Abubila.

What is the nicest part of Lanzarote?2022-07-04T12:21:37+01:00

Lanzarote is a special island full of unusual and beautiful places. El Golfo, Las Salinas, Timanfaya, Jameo del Agua, Orzola, La Graciosa, Mirrador del Rio to name a few. You can discover these places by bike or by car.

Abubila offers you a different view of the island of Lanzarote through tandem paragliding.

What excursions are available in Lanzarote?2022-07-04T12:18:33+01:00

From the main locations such as Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca, you can find excursions for sightseeing on the island. A day trip to La Graciosa with a ferry crossing. A trip to the sea or a visit to Bodegua in La Geria. Abubila offers tandem paragliding flights to discover the island of Lanzarote from a different perspective. We also offer kayaking trips to Papagayo beach.

Can you still use cash in Lanzarote?2022-07-04T12:16:30+01:00

When you go out of the cities, to the more typical and wild places, it is advisable to have some Euro with you. It is also possible that some activities such as surfing and tandem paragliding are paid for in cash. Your bank card will be accepted most of the time but it does not work every time.

What currency do I need for Lanzarote?2022-07-04T12:14:19+01:00

Lanzarote is a Spanish territory and uses the European currency, the Euro (EUR)

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